About us

Growing up, did you ever dream of being an artist, a world famous rock star, running a skateboard label, publishing a zine or just having a lemonade stand on a street corner, working for yourself and doing something you felt passionate about? Cause we know we did.

Spending most of our early years consuming books, drawing, doing handcrafts, trying to figure out how things work, riding our bikes and rebuilding them every now and then gave us skills and a desire to create things by hand. Skateboarding and nocturnal graffiti writing missions taught us practical lessons in street knowledge and provided a creative outlet for our bursting adolescent energy. Youth crew era hardcore, KRS-One, Public Enemy albums and buddhist writings taught us the importance of positive thinking and healthy lifestyles. Sourcing flea markets and hardware stores for clothes that resembled the ones the Beastie Boys, Rick Howard, Mike Carroll, all the backpack rappers and old school B-Boys were sporting taught us about streetwear style and customizing our own clothes. And in punk rock shows and hip-hop jams we met likeminded outcasts who rejected the rat race and were determined in following their heart and creating their own path.

A lot of those kids who stayed true to to their DIY ethic and refused to grow up are now living their childhood dream as professional skateboarders,snowboarders, artists, designers, and musicians. We stuck to our naive dream and started a clothing brand that draws inspiration from all those Good Things that have shaped our lives and careers and made us what we are today.

Even though our products are streetwear items, we feel that Good Things is more than just a clothing company. Detailed high quality clothes are something we love and make, but for us a garment is a mere medium for expressing our creativity, spreading knowledge and paying respect to the people and things that have helped us so far.

Our real merchandise is the inspiration and mindset behind Good Things. Whatever the product is, we want to teach, inspire and motivate people and show what determination, hard work and Positive Mental Attitude can do. We want Good Things to hit people as hard as when we first heard a JB’s Funky Drummer break or Gorilla Biscuits’ New Direction, saw a Dondi burner in Subway Art, Natas hydrant spin or a Vision Street Wear logo. Our dream is not to sell a million t-shirts or to become the next Stussy. Our dream is that in 2030 someone will reminisce about the day when he was awestruck seeing a Good Things t-shirt or the GT monogram logo for the first time, and inspired by that feeling decides to take action in his life and start realizing his dreams.

Keeping it (un)real,


Good People